Sunday, August 5, 2012

PCX with White Coocase V36 Box

PCX with White Coocase v36 box - Size is just right!

PCX with White Coocase v36 box - Perfect colour match with White PCX!

Oh, and this box comes with brake lights. Nice.

There is also an option for inclusion of an inner thin sponge liner for the box, which i've gotten as well. The liner quality feels good and not too thick, good to ensure no more scratches for our delicate helmet and handbags. =)

Uncle and assistant at Chiap Lee installing the Coocase rack on my PCX - Got to admit with some other online friends that the service at Chiap Lee is not very friendly. Yep, not much smile from the shop owner. I guess that's just his character. But still acceptable for me, since I just need my box installed properly. Of course, good and friendly service will always make the buying experience better.

Coocase rack installed - Did you notice the cool Coocase logo on the side? I just hope that it doesn't rust so quickly.

Coocase base plate installed. Was told by the seller that this base plate can't work with Givi boxes.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Coocase v36 for my PCX.. Not too bad

Finding my old box being too small, decided to search for a new bigger box which is also of matching colour with my white PCX.

Givi white boxes are not of gloss white, and the largest is only 30litre. And my laptop can't fit in. Kappa is actually similar as Givi, same factory I was told.

I've also done my search in Johor bahru. And it is true that JB boxes are slightly cheaper than Singapore.

After some searching, found coocase v36 to be the best choice for my requirements... White matching, large enough for my laptop. It's pearl white, just the same colour as pcx.. Perfect. Was worried that it might be too big for pcx, but it actually looks OK after it's fitted on.

Rode about 20KM with the new coocase v36, don't feel much hindrance, instability or shakiness.

All in all, Perfect for now. I'll update again with some pictures! :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Scooter Haven - Phuket

Just been back from Phuket for a week of holiday.

Phuket is a real haven for Sun, Sea and Scooters!

If you are a scooter lover, you'll feel good in Phuket. Scooters are available for rent on the island for about 150 Baht (abt SGD $6) per day. During my vacation, i've been busy looking at scooters and how different they look with so many different accessories and stickers.

Generally a large percentage of them are Fino or Honda Scoopy. I find Scoopy and Fino look very much alike. But i've not seem to have seen any Scoopy in Singapore though. In any case, i've taken some pictures of the Scoopy for my own sweet memories of the island.... let me know if you think they look very similar to Fino too. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Motorcycle insurance renewal

It's been 1 year since I'm riding on my PCX. Time passes by really fast.

I've just done my insurance renewal. Call up following insurers and was given quite a surprisingly wide range of quote for TPFT:
-- NTUC $460
-- MSIG $360
-- ANDA (also AXA) $320

I've chosen ANDA. Not because it's the cheapest but because it's most responsive and terms seem ok too.

Ntuc was very responsive too. But I've just read some forum post that a fellow biker was denied bike theft claim by ntuc because of his negligence in not using a disc lock! What gives?? I'm not sure how true is this but I've decided not to take any chances, hence have removed ntuc from consideration.

MSIG did respond but in a very unprofessional manner with email threads forwarding here and there and leaving you to receive an email with the full email thread from some singnet email sender asking for you to enter a full list of personal details so that they can give a quote. All these without identifying first that they are agent for MSIG. I do not feel comfortable working with this insurer, With uncertainty that I'll be responded professionally and timely enough should there be any claims needed in future.

Anda has been responsive to my queries and answering with clarity, so they have my business.

Hope this helps anyone who is searching for insurance renewal. :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Vespa LX150 or Honda PCX?

A Big "Gong Xi Fa Cai" to Everyone!!

Wow, it's been a long holiday season! Still basking in the holiday mood now... =P

Glad to receive a query on "LX150 or PCX?"

Seriously, if you like "looks", go for LX150! It's simply eye-catching and handsome! Period.

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient, cool-looking and easy-to-handle machine, PCX is a good choice.

  • It has a lower center of gravity and larger wheel than LX150, so I believe that it should offer a more stable ride than LX too.
  • Servicing cost - Up till now, my most expensive servicing session costs $50 at Boon Siew. I am not sure about LX but I do not think it will costs much less for a European bike. (?)
  • PCX's underseat storage space is much much bigger than LX's
  • PCX's headlight is much bigger and definitely more visible than LX's. If you are also a driver, I believe you will understand this importance too. :P
Looking 1 year back... I was deciding between LX150 and PCX during my bike purchase too. Gathered comparison feedback from as much technician uncles in the bikeshops that I've visited, all have given their votes to PCX for the technical performance. LX150 is still my first-love (simply love the look! *muack*). But the seat is just too high for me to ride on it confidently. Weighing between safety and looks, I've chosen the PCX. Have not regretted my decision till now. Although, a tint of jealousy and envy still tinkle up in me whenever I pass by one of my first love on the road...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finally, a Breakdown.... Flat battery

Phew, i'm relieved to be finally done handling my First motorcycle breakdown. Thanks to the great help from one of the friendly uncles from Yan Aik Motor Co (6, Phoenix Road) 

I was riding around Teck Whye Lane yesterday evening when I met with an unexpected surprise, unable to start my bike's engine from Idle-stop state no matter how much the throttle has been twisted. No choice, stepped down the bike and pushed it to the nearest carpark. Luckily the cars that were behind my bike were patient enough to wait for me to make way without sounding any horn. =) There are still nice drivers around in Singapore after all.

Searched the net and found Yan Aik to be the nearest bike shop from the area. Called them up and the uncle whom i've spoken to immediately ask for the bike location and came down to take a look. Unable to find possible problem, uncle offered to push the bike back to his shop which is about 1KM away and with some upslopes, and it was raining! omg... I was really impressed by the enthusiasm and helpfulness of this uncle!

Collected the bike after a few hours. Found out that the problem is due to a flat battery, so Yan Aik changed the battery. The total bill is $95. Truthfully, the amount is more than i've expected. But i've still gladly made payment for it as I was impressed by the sincere service of the uncle-technicians here in Yan Aik. (Has anyone changed their battery in bike shops before? Care to share on what was your cost?)

At the same time, I'm puzzled why this battery problem was not detected by Boon Siew when they serviced my bike less than 2 months ago? Also, this is a less than 1 years-old bike, isn't the battery life too short? I'm expecting it to last at least 2 years, with the idling-stop technology always activated. Now, i'm thinking that this short battery-life is definitely a significant con of the Honda PCX motorcycle!

Convenient reference to Yan Aik's location for fellow riders who are staying in or encounter a breakdown in CCK area.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review of storage space on Honda PCX 125

Glove compartment which is not lockable. So not for keeping of valuables.

Under-seat storage when empty.

Removable helmet hook which is included with the tool bag.

This is how the helmet hook looks like when it's fully-hooked and seat closed. So your helmet will be fully-secured when the seat is locked.

Under-seat storage compartment can accommodate 1 half-face helmet comfortably. (Sadly, my full-face helmet can't fit in)

My 14-inch laptop can fit into the under-seat compartment snugly, with some spare room for rain coat and some small nitty-gritty stuffs.
Generally, storage space is good, without the bike looking too bulky. But I found it slightly hard to close the seat tight compared to other bikes. One needs to exert quite a considerable amount of force before the seat can be locked. Also, I've noticed that the PCX does not have any hook that can be used especially by ladies to hook our small handbag or shopping bags like some other scooters such as Vespa GT has.