Friday, April 6, 2012

Scooter Haven - Phuket

Just been back from Phuket for a week of holiday.

Phuket is a real haven for Sun, Sea and Scooters!

If you are a scooter lover, you'll feel good in Phuket. Scooters are available for rent on the island for about 150 Baht (abt SGD $6) per day. During my vacation, i've been busy looking at scooters and how different they look with so many different accessories and stickers.

Generally a large percentage of them are Fino or Honda Scoopy. I find Scoopy and Fino look very much alike. But i've not seem to have seen any Scoopy in Singapore though. In any case, i've taken some pictures of the Scoopy for my own sweet memories of the island.... let me know if you think they look very similar to Fino too. :)


  1. Very good job your blog is nice !

    I plan to buy a PCX, I've tried it in Koh Phangan and I was impressed by its comfort and performance.

    I just have a question: Can I purchase the COE directly with the bike or do I must go through the bidding process to get it ?
    I'm a foreigner so I'm not familiar with this aspects..

    Thanks for you help !


    1. Thanks Morgan, I'm glad that this blog has been useful.

      If you find the rental bike to be good, then I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the performance of the new one. :)

      For purchase of the bike, you can simply enquire for the total price (bike+coe+insurance) from the bike dealers. Most of the time, they sell new bikes together with COE, so there is not a need for you to personally bid for COE.

      Just a side note, it is probably cheaper if you purchase your own bike insurance instead of getting it as a bundle from the bike dealers. You can call the insurers directly to ask for a quotation. They will usually be able to reply within the next working day.

  2. Hi, do u remember what's the name of the bike rental company u rent this scoopy from? or any recommendation?


    1. Hi there, these scooters are available almost everywhere in the popular beaches, especially patong, shouldn't be hard for you to come across a bike rental shop when you walk along the popular beaches. So you can just walk around the beaches and see which bike you fancy better then rent them on the spot.

      Are you going to Phuket soon?

  3. yes yes! im goin in like 2 weeks time,:) i requested for a either scoopy or fino from the hotel im staying which is at layan beach. 30mins away from patong beach i guess. the hotel charge me 300baht/day. and additional 900baht.

    Any tips/advises in renting bike? its my first time there.. :)

    1. 300baht sounds quite pricey in comparison, but maybe this is the peak season now I guess. I was there in march which was not a peak season. But 300baht is still good compared to being chopped by unscrupulous taxi drivers there.. Trust me!

      And it should be more trustworthy if you get your hotel to arrange the rental for you. At least you have someone to depend on if anything happen.. Touchwood.

      Is the 900baht for deposit? If yes, then I think this deal should be fine. At lease u can have a peace of mind with the hotel as the 'agent' , and also save some time from searching or comparing around for bike rental when you reach.

  4. Oh also, do be extra careful when you are riding there, their traffic is not so orderly like in Singapore. And do bring some light rain jacket if possible to shield from drizzle, otherwise you can just buy those disposable poncho there. It was pretty wet when I was there.

  5. thanks for the advices!! :)