Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Motorcycle insurance renewal

It's been 1 year since I'm riding on my PCX. Time passes by really fast.

I've just done my insurance renewal. Call up following insurers and was given quite a surprisingly wide range of quote for TPFT:
-- NTUC $460
-- MSIG $360
-- ANDA (also AXA) $320

I've chosen ANDA. Not because it's the cheapest but because it's most responsive and terms seem ok too.

Ntuc was very responsive too. But I've just read some forum post that a fellow biker was denied bike theft claim by ntuc because of his negligence in not using a disc lock! What gives?? I'm not sure how true is this but I've decided not to take any chances, hence have removed ntuc from consideration.

MSIG did respond but in a very unprofessional manner with email threads forwarding here and there and leaving you to receive an email with the full email thread from some singnet email sender asking for you to enter a full list of personal details so that they can give a quote. All these without identifying first that they are agent for MSIG. I do not feel comfortable working with this insurer, With uncertainty that I'll be responded professionally and timely enough should there be any claims needed in future.

Anda has been responsive to my queries and answering with clarity, so they have my business.

Hope this helps anyone who is searching for insurance renewal. :)


  1. hi there! =D
    can u help me on what are the step needed?
    i juz pass my p-plate n i want to renew my insure with anda (base on ur recomendation)

    thx! =)

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