Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finally, a Breakdown.... Flat battery

Phew, i'm relieved to be finally done handling my First motorcycle breakdown. Thanks to the great help from one of the friendly uncles from Yan Aik Motor Co (6, Phoenix Road) 

I was riding around Teck Whye Lane yesterday evening when I met with an unexpected surprise, unable to start my bike's engine from Idle-stop state no matter how much the throttle has been twisted. No choice, stepped down the bike and pushed it to the nearest carpark. Luckily the cars that were behind my bike were patient enough to wait for me to make way without sounding any horn. =) There are still nice drivers around in Singapore after all.

Searched the net and found Yan Aik to be the nearest bike shop from the area. Called them up and the uncle whom i've spoken to immediately ask for the bike location and came down to take a look. Unable to find possible problem, uncle offered to push the bike back to his shop which is about 1KM away and with some upslopes, and it was raining! omg... I was really impressed by the enthusiasm and helpfulness of this uncle!

Collected the bike after a few hours. Found out that the problem is due to a flat battery, so Yan Aik changed the battery. The total bill is $95. Truthfully, the amount is more than i've expected. But i've still gladly made payment for it as I was impressed by the sincere service of the uncle-technicians here in Yan Aik. (Has anyone changed their battery in bike shops before? Care to share on what was your cost?)

At the same time, I'm puzzled why this battery problem was not detected by Boon Siew when they serviced my bike less than 2 months ago? Also, this is a less than 1 years-old bike, isn't the battery life too short? I'm expecting it to last at least 2 years, with the idling-stop technology always activated. Now, i'm thinking that this short battery-life is definitely a significant con of the Honda PCX motorcycle!

Convenient reference to Yan Aik's location for fellow riders who are staying in or encounter a breakdown in CCK area.

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