Sunday, August 5, 2012

PCX with White Coocase V36 Box

PCX with White Coocase v36 box - Size is just right!

PCX with White Coocase v36 box - Perfect colour match with White PCX!

Oh, and this box comes with brake lights. Nice.

There is also an option for inclusion of an inner thin sponge liner for the box, which i've gotten as well. The liner quality feels good and not too thick, good to ensure no more scratches for our delicate helmet and handbags. =)

Uncle and assistant at Chiap Lee installing the Coocase rack on my PCX - Got to admit with some other online friends that the service at Chiap Lee is not very friendly. Yep, not much smile from the shop owner. I guess that's just his character. But still acceptable for me, since I just need my box installed properly. Of course, good and friendly service will always make the buying experience better.

Coocase rack installed - Did you notice the cool Coocase logo on the side? I just hope that it doesn't rust so quickly.

Coocase base plate installed. Was told by the seller that this base plate can't work with Givi boxes.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Coocase v36 for my PCX.. Not too bad

Finding my old box being too small, decided to search for a new bigger box which is also of matching colour with my white PCX.

Givi white boxes are not of gloss white, and the largest is only 30litre. And my laptop can't fit in. Kappa is actually similar as Givi, same factory I was told.

I've also done my search in Johor bahru. And it is true that JB boxes are slightly cheaper than Singapore.

After some searching, found coocase v36 to be the best choice for my requirements... White matching, large enough for my laptop. It's pearl white, just the same colour as pcx.. Perfect. Was worried that it might be too big for pcx, but it actually looks OK after it's fitted on.

Rode about 20KM with the new coocase v36, don't feel much hindrance, instability or shakiness.

All in all, Perfect for now. I'll update again with some pictures! :)