Monday, April 11, 2011

Review of my Honda PCX

It's been slightly more than a month riding on my new Honda PCX.

In comparison to the BBDC 2B learner bike:
- the height of seat is about the same as those normal cut seats (I'm about 1.6m tall, and find the seat height of Honda PCX just nice)
- the handling of the bike feels lighter
- definitely much easier to operate since this is an auto transmission motorcycle
- side mirrors are larger, so it provides easier safety check
- thighs do not get heated up as easily on the pcx
- power in terms of speed of acceleration feels the same
- feeling of engine power at low speed is lower though, probably because it's an auto bike

My other likes about Honda PCX:
- good fuel efficiency at about 45km/litre
- more environmentally friendly with its idle-stop technology. I do not find this feature disruptive at all, engine does get started instantly with throttle twist, sometimes I did not even realise that the engine has been turned off
- large underseat storage space
- very nice, bright and visible headlight and signal lights
- decent speed, reach and maintain at 80km/hr easily and without much strenuous engine roar (just FYI, I've been able to reach 100km/hr easily too)
- low noise during engine start up

My dislike about the Honda PCX:
- the underseat storage space, despite being large, can't fit in my full face helmet! :(
- no hook below the handle for hanging of stuffs like bags of groceries (I notice quite a few of the other scooters have such hooks)

Okies, I'll update again with some pictures of my Honda PCX. :)