Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review of storage space on Honda PCX 125

Glove compartment which is not lockable. So not for keeping of valuables.

Under-seat storage when empty.

Removable helmet hook which is included with the tool bag.

This is how the helmet hook looks like when it's fully-hooked and seat closed. So your helmet will be fully-secured when the seat is locked.

Under-seat storage compartment can accommodate 1 half-face helmet comfortably. (Sadly, my full-face helmet can't fit in)

My 14-inch laptop can fit into the under-seat compartment snugly, with some spare room for rain coat and some small nitty-gritty stuffs.
Generally, storage space is good, without the bike looking too bulky. But I found it slightly hard to close the seat tight compared to other bikes. One needs to exert quite a considerable amount of force before the seat can be locked. Also, I've noticed that the PCX does not have any hook that can be used especially by ladies to hook our small handbag or shopping bags like some other scooters such as Vespa GT has.


  1. You might wanna turn off the idle start/stop function as to conserve on the battery. I'm currently learning 2B at kaki bukit comfort driving centre and am interested to get a PCX when I pass but it seems the battery is giving some people issues, not only yourself.

    Ride safe.

  2. My Shoei full face fits under the seat just fine, so did my KBC (retired). Modular helmets will not fit at all.