Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New stylish protection for my face

Regardless of whether we are a driver or a rider, face is definitely one of the most important feature for a lady! Hence, I've gotten myself a full-face helmet. I wanted it to help shield my face better from the sun as well as dust. In addition, I feel that it also help to shield us from those "ti ko bei" drivers!

I've got the Caberg Konda full-face modular helmet from Regina@Kelantan lane. I think it's pretty comfy compared to the other full-face modular helmets that i've tried in the store (including the Shoei ones). In addition, it has a much-needed sun visor too! Stylo! =) The interior liner can be fully-removed for wash too, a must for someone like me who is a clean freak! The top air-vent doesn't feel to be working much i thought, but the chin vent is functional and not bad. My head and face did not feel warm and stuffy during the ride.

So far so good for this Caberg Konda helmet for now. The only complaint I have is that it cannot fit into my tiny rear box, neither can it fit into my large underseat compartment of my Honda PCX! :(

Here are some pictures of my Caberg Konda...

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