Friday, January 28, 2011

Never Give Up

To succeed in obtaining your 2B license, never give up! I believe the spirit of these 3 words apply to any other challenges that we may be taking up too.

I should have gotten my riding license 6 years ago!

6 years ago....
I have enrolled myself for 2B motorbike riding lesson about 6 years ago. However, I gave up on pursuing it as I was daunted by how heavy the bike is and how lousy I was in handling the clutch. I have attended several practical lessons then, and my skills should have been improving along with the number of lessons attended. On the contrary, my riding was getting worse with many toppling of bike with each lesson.

Thinking back, the reason for this was because my confidence level fell with each lessons, and I kept telling myself that the bike is too heavy for me. I've grown up in an environment where my family believe that riding a motorbike is a dangerous affair. The number of times that I've ridden as pillion could be counted with fingers in 1 hand. Therefore, the back of my mind could have probably silently hypnotize myself that riding is not for me, even though I really do hope to learn how to ride successfully.

6 years later...
Feeling extremely uneasy on giving up a task halfway, I made the decision to revisit this long-time wish of obtaining a 2B license! And I have made the resolution that I should succeed this time! Indeed, with a total change of mindset this time, I was able to go through the entire course and tests successfully! Definitely there were difficulties encountered in some of the subjects, but this time round I have told myself that I must succeed instead of finding reasons for myself on why I can't do it. A mindset change makes the difference!

A fellow female learner whom I've met in the school have also inspired me. Her S course (figure-8) was so bad that she just had to push the bike out of the course whenever she entered the course. Other times when she was luckier, she just wobbled her way out of the course, that is of course if she managed to not hit the side kerb too. I thought, hey I was definitely better than her 6 years ago! WTH did I give up??

This inspiring lady definitely wasn't like the old me! She did not give up and kept coming back for practice and consulting the instructors on how she could conquer the S course. I was truly inspired by her determination when I saw how smooth she went through the S course like a few weeks later. Anyway, she even obtained her license earlier than me!

I thought, if I've met this inspiring lady 6 years ago, I might not have given up and obtained my license as well! So I believe that it is important to believe in yourself and not to give up if you truly would like to get your 2B motorbike license! =)

In my upcoming post, I'll try to summarize some of the techniques that have successfully got me enlightened on conquering the various riding subjects like S course, slalom, u-turn.

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