Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally, this is up!

Alright! Finally I've gotten my lazy self to get started on this Riding blog.

Have always wanted to share my part of experience here as a female rider in Singapore. And hopefully to get more riding tips from other fellow babe riders as well. =)

Well, honestly I've nothing much to share as a rider at the moment, since I've only just gotten my 2B license! (WTH, then still got the cheek to start this blog now?!)

I've encountered quite a couple of learner riders giving up halfway in the course of obtaining the riding licence (myself included!), therefore decided to share a bit of my learning experience here first. In the hope to provide some little motivation to learners who are still in the midst of pursuing the 2B licence in driving schools as well. More on this in my upcoming posts...

In the mean time, I'm busy looking for my new mean machine to hit the road! Contemplating between the Honda PCX and Vespa LX150. OK OK, these 2 scooters might be a far cry from being mean "fast and furious" machines, but they are definitely going to be mean "steady and cute" ones to me! Looking forward for some experienced riders to share their experience as well.... =)


or this??

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